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What We Did

Since it's establishment in 2005, the Coexistence Trust has worked to address the common threats of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

We focused our work on improving relations and building networks of trust and understanding among British Muslim and Jewish students on university campuses in the UK.

Universities remain critical environments in which faith learning, experience and development unfolds, including the way in which attitudes towards other faiths among young people are formed.

Over the past 5 years the Trust positioned itself as experts in the areas of student leadership development, conflict resolution and mediation, and social action under our banner of ‘Respect, Empowerment and Change'. Our work was delivered through two initiatives:

Campus Ambassadors Programme

The Campus Ambassadors Programme was a part-time one-year leadership development initiative aimed at first and second year Muslim and Jewish students who demonstrated commitment to fostering collaborative partnerships between their respective communities.

Each year, a cohort of Muslim and Jewish students underwent a rigorous programme of training, equipping them with new skills such as conflict resolution and mediation; communication and interpersonal techniques; event management; intercultural competence and interfaith understanding and increased personal confidence.

'We developed and learned more about ourselves, learnt new techniques and made lasting friendships'

Campus Ambassador, University of Leeds, 2010-11 Cohort

Ambassadors have been applying the skills that they have learnt through a variety of on-campus activities that promote good relations, as well as seizing leadership opportunities at campus and national student levels, through student societies, student unions, UJS and FOSIS as well as at community level.

Video thumbnail - Campus Ambassadors 2011: Launch

Campus FaithHub

Campus FaithHub was the Trust's campaigning and advocacy initiative enabling students to ‘Be Heard'. Touring UK universities, Campus Faithhub brought leading commentators, thinkers, campaigners and politicians onto campus.

While Campus FaithHub was targeted at the wider student community, through the provision of an active engagement platform for discussion and debate, it also addressed issues impacting the campus environment and the Muslim and Jewish student experience.

Campus FaithHub put the spotlight on the challenges and dilemmas facing students in the areas of good campus relations; cultural understanding; and employability and skills.

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